About Appco Group UK

Appco Group UK was established in 1989, marking the launch of Appco Group in the northern hemisphere. Since then, Appco UK has grown to become the largest operation in the Appco Group family.

Appco Group UK works with a network of independent marketing companies, which provide us with its field sales and donor recruitment force (field representatives).

They have helped us represent clients across a range of sectors – including not-for-profit, energy, home efficiency, home delivery, telecommunications and financial services – and helped them to achieve incredible success.

  • In 2013, our UK charity division Global Fundraising Services signed a world-record 117,000 regular-giving donors on behalf of the British Red Cross – the most supporters the charity has ever gained in a single year.
  • In 2014 alone, our Home Delivery division enabled its clients to deliver more than 81,000 boxes of fresh produce and bespoke meal plans to the new customers we signed.
  • In just one year, our Home Efficiency division helped UK homeowners save a collective £39 million+ on their energy bills, through the energy-saving measures we promoted on behalf of our clients.

Supporting our success

As well as expert teams dedicated to each sector, the UK is supported by The Lab.

This team of sales gurus specialises in researching and developing products and campaigns for new and existing clients.

The Lab is continually testing and implementing innovative ideas to help grow our clients’ customer and donor bases and expand their businesses.

And our in-house contact centre is integral to maintaining the quality and longevity of the customers and donors we acquire for our clients.

Our contact centre agents make more than 3,000 welcomes calls every week to make sure new customers have understood the sign-up process and are happy to commit the charity, product or service.