Appco UK: frequently asked questions

Contacting us

How do I contact Appco Group UK?

Whether you want to give a positive review or make a complaint, we welcome your feedback. All comments are taken into consideration and used to make our service and business even better.

Please either email us at, or write to us at: Customer Services, Appco Group UK, Studio 320, Highgate Studios 53-79 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL

How do I provide positive feedback or make a complaint about a brand ambassador/fundraiser?

Brand ambassadors speak to almost 500,000 people every week on behalf of our clients. The vast majority of people enjoy these conversations; however, we understand that there are times when you need to advise us of areas where we could improve.

That’s why Appco UK has a dedicated contact centre, which customers, donors and all members of the public can contact if they have any queries or concerns about the work we do.

Your query will be treated with the utmost care and, if it can’t be dealt with directly by our contact centre team, it will be forwarded to the Appco UK staff member who can assist you further. For general enquiries please contact us on: 020 7424 3700

Field marketing and fundraising

Why would a company choose field marketing over TV, online or glossy ads to advertise their product, service or charity?

It’s usually not a case of either/or. Most companies and charities use a mixture of different advertising channels to get their messages across and promote their brands.

Without a doubt, digital, social and TV are popular and effective methods, but field marketing continues to be a valuable way for many commercial and charitable organisations to speak directly to their customers or donors.

Field marketing and fundraising delivers very good returns on investment because Appco UK’s focus is on signing up long-term customers and donors who commit to a regular monthly transaction or donation and clients only pay for the customers or donors we acquire.

The results of our campaigns are traceable and measurable. It’s very hard to tell if a customer bought a product because they glanced at a billboard, but very easy to know if they purchased due to a face-to-face interaction.

Why do charities pay Appco UK to fundraise on their behalf?

The simple answer is because it works.

On average, every month in the UK, we secure more than 22,000 donors for our charity partners, which means that between them they receive more than £5 million in donations – every month (based on a donor giving for an average of four years).

At Appco UK, we believe we should only get paid in full for those donors who have made a number of monthly donations. This helps ensure we are acquiring committed donors for our charity partners and generating an ongoing revenue stream to plan and fund their causes.

We are proud to say that our fundraising service, Appco Group Support, has been thoroughly vetted and approved under the Institute of Fundraising's certification programme. Without the professional fundraising services we offer, many of our charity partners would struggle to maintain the funding they need to provide for the good causes they represent.

How much do charities pay Appco UK to fundraise for them?

Appco Group UK uses a performance-based model. This means the onus is on us to deliver committed, long-term, regular-giving donors because charities only pay us for the donors we deliver.

Contracts with our charity partners are agreed on a campaign basis, and payments to Appco UK come from the charities' pre-allocated fundraising budgets (which may, for example, also include TV, print, radio and billboard advertising).

We are paid by a charity for each supporter recruited who then donates for a certain period of time.

This is a one-off payment per donor from a pre-allocated fundraising budget. All donations made by people signed up by the face-to-face fundraisers in our network go directly to the nominated charity.

Appco UK supplier relationships

How does the relationship between Appco UK, the marketing companies and brand ambassadors work?

Appco UK’s expertise are in field marketing campaign development, management and analysis. Like almost any other business, we outsource some services to suppliers who have better resources and expertise to deliver them.

In our case, we sub-contract marketing companies to conduct the field activity – that is, the conversations with members of the public about our clients’ products, services and causes – for each marketing or fundraising campaign.

We do this because it allows us to adapt the scale and reach of a campaign based on each client’s needs. It also allows us to focus on what we do best – campaign consultancy, development and delivery – and deploy other elements to those with the practical skills, focus and experience to deliver them to our exacting standards.

Take a look at our diagram below for a simple visualisation of our model.

FR infographics

Why doesn’t Appco UK employ brand ambassadors?

There are 4 main reasons: scale, reach, skill set and philosophy.

Appco UK outsources some of the services required to deliver our field marketing campaigns for clients. This is not an unusual practice for any business.

We entrust the field marketing activity to specialist marketing companies who are dedicated to ensuring the brand ambassadors they contract receive all the product training they need to have great conversations with members of the public. and in turn contract brand ambassadors on a self-employed basis.

For more than 25 years, our self-employment model has given thousands of people, here in the UK and across the world, the opportunity to define their own career paths and levels of commitment and income. Whether you simply want to earn money while studying or travelling, or you’re planning to build your own business in direct sales, there are opportunities for you within the Appco network.