The Energy division is one of the foundations of Appco Group.

As many governments have deregulated their utilities sectors, Appco has played a critical role in providing major energy companies with unrivalled customer acquisition volumes.

Over 15 years, Appco Group has acquired more than 10 million new customers in 11 countries and has added billions of dollars in value for our energy clients.

Appco specialises in face-to-face customer acquisition in the energy sector and offers a range of go-to-market channels, including residential door-to-door, business-to-business, in-store, shopping centres and events.

Appco is also an industry leader in terms of quality and has comprehensive sales training and development programmes, a state-of-the-art straight-through processing solution, as well as our unique sales integrity programme, which includes a third party verification/validation service direct to the client at point of sale.

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