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Who really benefits from great customer service?

For Appco UK, making sure that a customer receives the best-possible service is an unwavering focus. But it’s not just about treating a customer well because we should; having great customer service also has a big impact on our cl [...]

New Year, new marketing strategy?

As 2017 rapidly disappears in the rear-view mirror, most businesses are reassessing their business goals and marketing strategies and finding ways to enhance their brands. Appco UK is no different. Without a doubt, the way your business is markete [...]

INSIDE APPCO UK: Meet our man in charge of quality

He says the state of his desk shows that he’s “on the ball”, he can often be found on the couch watching Everybody Loves Raymond, and he’s pretty sure he and the Queen could be buddies. Fortunately, none of this has an imp [...]

The art of delegation: why Appco UK’s CEO thinks it’s good to let go of the reins

As a parent, you can only do so much to protect and teach your children – eventually, you have to let go of the reins. And, in my experience, business is exactly the same. You can put strategie [...]

Brexit: a marketing lesson in what NOT to do

As Britain prepares to leave the EU – and the fraught negotiations and in-fighting continue – we can’t help but think there has to be something we can learn from the mess that is Brexit. You can’t switch on the TV, open a newspa [...]

Great direct marketing keeps pace in the digital age

Our entire lives are quite literally moving online, so it’s more crucial than ever for traditionally non-digital businesses to, yes, move with the times but also understand what they bring to the table that virtual services do [...]

Fundraising: putting complaints in context

The Fundraising Regulator’s complaints report was published on 24 October and, quite rightly, its findings have featured prominently in the sector press. However, the coverage has largely focused on the thousands of complaints charities [...]

Appco UK embraces fundraising innovation

Across the charity sector, new technology is being used to broaden reach and find more donors and Appco UK is embracing this fundraising innovation to enhance its campaigns for clients and donors alike. Charities have been partnering with A [...]

INSIDE APPCO UK: “The best thing about working at Appco is…”

From progression opportunities and characterful colleagues to free monthly lunches, four Appco UK employees share what they think are the best bits about working for the company. Watch more of our video [...]

Appco UK on track with new data protection laws

From next year, data protection laws will get a whole lot stricter, but Appco Group UK is already focused on making sure privacy is a priority. The new rules are aimed at giving people more control over their personal information, in [...]
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