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Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Appco Korea: flexible career paths for mutual success

Appco Group Korea was launched in 2012, and quickly became one of the top-performing operations in Asia. Here, we speak to two of the people guiding the business in Korea about how they took very different career paths to where they are today, what they’ve learned along the way and what their expectations are for the future.

Kim Yong: from field sales to Appco Korea’s country head

Appco Korea acting country head Kim Yong started his career in field sales

Appco Korea acting country head Kim Yong started in field sales in Australia

I began working as a self-employed brand ambassador while backpacking around Australia in 2010. I saw it as an opportunity to make some money, while also allowing me to keep having fun while working to my own schedule.

After seven months, I became an assistant owner at a marketing company within the Appco network and worked there until my visa expired and I moved to Japan.

The move didn’t end my involvement with Appco though.

I felt there was an opportunity for the company to expand into Korea, and in 2012 my dreams came true when I helped launch Appco Group Korea, where I’m now acting country head.

Since then, we have opened four Appco offices around the country, signed up a range of charity clients, opened a B2B channel, and recently launched our first product in the commercial field.

Looking back at my journey with Appco and its network, I can see how much I’ve developed both professionally and personally.

Helping others succeed has become another one of the most rewarding aspects of my career, whether that’s doing what I can to assist Appco employees in developing new skills or supporting the independent contractors who represent our clients.

One of my proudest moments came at the Asian Rally at the end of last year when an Appco Korea office won the award for new marketing office of the year.

(It’s worth pointing out that, in Appco Korea, marketing offices are part of Appco and not independent businesses, as they are in a lot of other Appco countries.)

And things are only getting better! In 2016, we are set to have new offices in seven cities, and really build up the number of independent contractors representing our clients.

For me, Appco Group Korea is like a ladder connecting me to where I want to go.

Soeun Lee: building the Appco business in Korea

Appco Korea's senior business manager, Souen Lee, says Appco has provided incredible career opportunities

Appco Korea’s senior business manager, Souen Lee: company growth is exciting

After years of working with multinational companies, managing non-profit organisations, and being involved in marketing and PR, I joined Appco Korea last year as a business development manager.

Watching the company grow so much in such a short time has been exciting, and it is constantly thrilling to be a part of the adventure.

The proudest moments for me so far have been bringing in clients, including Plan International Korea and HelpAge, and launching the campaign for FW1 cleaning wax, the first commercial client for Appco Korea.

I’m also very proud when I look both at the Appco team and the self-employed brand ambassadors who represent our clients in the field. Without the hard work of both of these groups, we couldn’t have got to this point.

For me, Appco Group Korea is a blessing. We have plenty of ability, and a strong work ethic – we have all the tools to break through and continue to get outstanding results.


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