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Monday, July 27th, 2015

How direct sales turned my life around

In the final blog from leaders in the Appco network called Dan, Dan Meredith describes how his career shift to direct sales completely changed his lifestyle from one where he was living from pay cheque to pay cheque to being an assistant owner of a marketing company and preparing to set up his own business.

I got my start in the direct sales industry in 2012, contracting for a company based in Gloucestershire, called Focus Organisation Ltd, which is contracted to the Appco UK network.

Before that, I was a mental health carer, driving patients to hospital appointments, so I found sales challenging at first.

I also struggled with time management and had to learn to adapt my mind-set to thinking like a business owner instead of waiting for other people to make decisions.

I did get the hang of it and, within eight months, I had progressed to crew leader and then to assistant owner after 18 months.

One of my proudest moments was the first time someone in my team progressed to the next stage in their own career and I saw how, with the right coaching and hard work, his lifestyle changed for the better.

So far, my journey has been fun, challenging, rewarding, and an all-round great experience. After just 12 months in the business I was able to buy a new car, and I’ve also been able to travel a fair bit – for both work and leisure.

Transforming from a guy who could barely afford rent in my previous job, to now being able to fully support myself and my family is the best feeling in the world.

I have plans to open up my own business this year and I’m really looking forward to more success – especially helping to change the lives of other excited, hard-working people along the way.

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