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Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Independent contractor connects with Uber driver over self-employed benefits

An Uber driver who picked up an independent sales contractor as a customer was so impressed to hear about how much she enjoys her self-employed position that he got in touch with Appco UK.

We’ve all made polite small talk with taxi drivers, but Fiona Tesfazghi says her enthusiasm when speaking to an Uber driver about being a brand ambassador was 100 per cent genuine.

Fiona started chatting to the driver about sales and mentioned that she was a self-employed brand ambassador, contracted by Benchmark Advertising, a marketing company to which Appco UK outsources direct sales activity.


The driver, Simon – who by complete coincidence, worked with Appco Group founder Chris Niarchos many years ago – was so impressed by what he heard that he wrote in to the company to sing Fiona’s praises.

“She couldn’t speak highly enough of the marketing company she contracts to and the Appco organisation. A very articulate, self-motivated young lady with ambition, who sounds like a credit/asset to the marketing company,” he wrote. Asked later about the conversation, Fiona says she was being completely honest about how much she loves her work.

“I wasn’t just saying those things because I’d had a particularly successful day, it really is how I feel all the time,” she says. “My mentality is to think big and look beyond single days.”


So, how did Fiona end up having a deep conversation about the business with her driver that day? “Self-employment is one of the fastest growing ways of work right now, and there’s a reason for that,” she says. “Being self-employed, you know the benefits. You know that you get out as much as you put in, so I feel a real connection with other people who work for themselves, like Uber drivers.

“People in those roles understand the advantages better than most. They get that if you’re working for someone else, you can work there for five years and still be stuck in the position you started in. But when it’s your own business, you have control of how fast you progress – you’re not depending on someone else.”

The support network that comes with being engaged by a marketing company that’s sub-contracted by Appco UK is also one of Fiona’s biggest motivators.

“In this industry, there are so many success stories that are so inspirational. Seeing the owner of a marketing company, and knowing that they started out where you did shows you what is possible if you have big goals.”

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