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Friday, May 5th, 2017

Inside Appco UK: The Business Analyst

Appco UK has a whole host of people working to support our business and deliver our services. Each month we sit down with one of them to find out a little more about what they do. This month it’s Business Analyst, Noah Lal.

two people from staff discussing a report

Noah Lal (left) advises sub-contracted marketing companies

With his Appco UK career spanning over a decade, Noah Lal has been the go-to guru when it comes to business advice for the independent business owners sub-contracted by Appco Group UK. Whether it’s providing best-practice workshops, compliance updates or being a sounding board for owners’ business ideas and innovations, Noah has guided and supported them every step of the way. Here he describes what a day in his Appco life is like.

I’m responsible for…

Supporting the growth of and best practice among the marketing companies sub-contracted by us, while also helping promoting awareness of any potential risks that could impact them.

What this means in a nutshell is…

Alongside the rest of my team, I offer initiatives or support to business owners through business skills workshops, business reviews, recruitment best practice and trading agreement advice, to name just a few. I’m always on hand to answer a question or help find a solution to a business-related problem.

I have been at Appco UK for a total of…

10 years! When you sit back and think about it that’s a lot of advice given over the years, and in many ways my career at Appco UK has grown alongside some of the marketing companies we sub-contract. It’s been a great journey so far!

My typical day…

Is full of variety. I could be helping a business conduct their financial reviews or building and testing reporting methods that could give business owners better insight into how they can grow their company. Every day is a different challenge, but it’s always about helping people grow as entrepreneurs.

The ‘hot topics’ in my sector are…

All about finding the most efficient ways a business can provide a service. Technology is always a huge part of how Appco UK can make our processes with suppliers – including independent marketing companies – and our clients easier, safer and more innovative.

group of people in the meeting room

My most memorable work moment…

Is from a recent trip overseas. We hosted a development trip for UK business owners to see first-hand how other similar businesses operate. It saw them all trade best practices and was a brilliant way for them to experience how other companies operate on the other side of the world.

The best part of my job is…

Working with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and seeing them start. Every business owner is different, but they are all extremely passionate about growing their businesses – their enthusiasm really rubs off on you!


My Plan B: travel writer

I’m lucky to say that I‘ve had the opportunity to visit many foreign shores over the years. I love experiencing other cultures, so being a travel writer would be ideal. ‘Noah Lal – Beach Correspondent’ has a nice ring to it!

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