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Inside Appco UK: The Business Analyst

Appco UK has a whole host of people working to support our business and deliver our services. Each month we sit down with one of them to find out a little more about what they do. This month it’s Business Analyst, Noah Lal. Noah Lal (lef [...]

Why starting your own business isn’t just for the under 30s

Almost all of us have thought about starting a business at some point. A “Eureka!” moment may come to mind regarding a product or we could be in a job that doesn’t give the freedom we desire. Jack Dorsey (the co-f [...]

International Women’s Day 2017: celebrating women’s achievements within Appco UK

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. To help mark this event we [...]

Transparent reporting helps charities rebuild trust and confidence with the public

Prime Minister Theresa May last month outlined a vision for a ‘Shared Society’ in a speech given to the Charity Commission. As a result, charity leaders are urging government to work in tandem w [...]

Appco UK’s robust vulnerability measures align with new fundraising guidance

Last week, the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) released new guidance on protecting potentially vulnerable people, which Appco UK welcomes as an essential part of responsible fundraising. Fundraising with [...]

Appco Group UK employee Jamie Whelan sleeps rough to support the Sleep with Simon Charity

An Appco Group UK employee slept rough on the streets of London last weekend in support of the Sleep with Simon Campaign. Jamie Whelan, services administrator, has always volunteered at homel [...]

Blast from the past: photos from the Appco UK office

This week we decided to give the Appco UK stock rooms a little clean, and to our surprise, we came across a lovely little bit of memorabilia. We thought we would share with you how Appco UK looked 16 years ago and how far we hav [...]

What can businesses learn from Formula 1?

Tearing round a racetrack at 200 miles an hour, weaving in and out of fast-moving traffic, dodging horrendous crashes — it all makes for incredibly compelling viewing, but what does it mean for businesses? This was the subject of a talk [...]

‘The culture of a company is like music in a nightclub — the music you play affects the people who come in’

‘The culture of a company is like music in a nightclub — the type of music you play affects the people who want to come in’, Appco Chairman and Founder Chris Nia [...]

Formula 1 expert Mark Gallagher on Lewis Hamilton and teamwork

After winning a go-cart championship as a young boy, Lewis Hamilton took to the stage at a black-tie event in London and asked the MC if he might say a few words. He thanked his entire racing team and his support crew [...]
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