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Kenya volunteer work an eye-opener for Appco employee

Global Fundraising Services staff member Faiza Abdulkadir has only recently returned from a month of volunteering for a charity in Kenya, but she is already planning to head back there. Faiza has been working in Appco UK’s co [...]

Meet one Appco employee who runs a successful business on the side

Whether you’re an independent business owner, self-employed sales contractor or Appco employee, entrepreneurship and creativity are clearly in the blood in the Appco network – and it’s something the organisa [...]

How to improve recruitment with one simple question

In this final blog based on hostage negotiator Richard Mullender’s listening expertise, we look at how people can gain more insight into a person during the recruitment process by asking one simple question… A question to [...]

Donating in response to a disaster is the second-best thing we can do

Dom Lester-George – from Appco’s worldwide fundraising provider, Global Fundraising Services – explains why ducks are better than chickens, and why the generosity of regular-giving, monthly donors save [...]

Trust me, I’m listening: how to listen well for more meaningful conversations

In our second of three blogs based on hostage negotiator Richard Mullender’s expert insights on listening, we look at how genuinely listening builds trust and creates the meaningful conversations tha [...]

Are you really listening?

At a skills-sharing event for entrepreneurs, hosted by Appco UK, hostage negotiator Richard Mullender spoke about the power of listening and the importance of clear communication. Richard’s session was so good, Appco decided to dedicate a series of thr [...]

3 ways your marketing campaign could be letting you down

If your sales levels are remaining stubbornly low, it could be time to rethink your marketing strategy. It’s easy to get into bad habits when it comes to promoting your products or services and it can be hard to tell where [...]

World Vision inspires hope with Appco UK fundraising support

Two employees from Appco UK’s charity division, and two fundraisers from the Appco UK network, travelled to Cambodia with World Vision to see the impact the charity is having on impoverished communities. World Vision U [...]

Appco senior client relationship manager visits Philippines with Unicef

Appco senior client relationship manager Fiona Nutley recently returned from a visit with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef) to the Philippines, where she got a first-hand look at how [...]

Could face-to-face sales help you gain confidence?

Many people think that to even enter the field of face-to-face sales in the first place, you have to be bursting with confidence. The truth is, this career path can suit a range of personality types and many people find that their [...]
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