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Why face-to-face sales is an important part of the marketing mix

Many companies now have diverse marketing strategies in place that encompass a range of techniques. From email and social media campaigns to TV, radio and print ads, there are a host of promotional tactics available [...]

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Leo

Business owners and entrepreneurs can take lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio’s perseverance in his quest for an Oscar, and from his graciousness when he finally reached his goal. More than 20 years after first being nominated, Hollywood su [...]

3 life skills that can help you in your sales career

You can take specialist courses and gain qualifications to help you excel in your sales career, but it’s worth noting that you might already have many of the traits you need to flourish in this field. There are a number of lif [...]

3 marketing techniques that have stood the test of time

Some marketing techniques come and go, but others stand the test of time. Here, we examine three promotional tactics that have shown themselves to have real staying power. By taking advantage of these techniques, you may be a [...]

Four secrets to effective branding

A strong brand can be the key to a company’s success, but knowing how to cultivate a powerful image often proves difficult for businesses. To help you tackle this challenge, here are four secrets to effective branding. 1. Know your audience To [...]

Five benefits of being a brand ambassador

Whether you’re a new brand ambassador (or field representative), or have chalked up a bit of experience, there might be aspects to the role that you’ve never considered. To give you a fuller picture of what it’s really like to r [...]

Can you learn to be an awesome field representative?

If you lack sales experience, or the prospect of face-to-face contact with potential customers makes you nervous, you might think it’s impossible to become a successful field representative. But don’t be too quick to rule ou [...]

A guide to improving your career prospects in 2016

Forget fad diets and fitness programmes (you look great the way you are!) – the New Year is the perfect time to focus on enhancing your career prospects. Whether you’re looking for a new role or just want to progress in your c [...]

Understanding the power of the Human Commercial™

The concept of the Human Commercial™ has changed the face-to-face sales industry forever. Developed by Appco Group chairman and founder Chris Niarchos, it represents a fresh approach to direct marketing that focuses on deliverin [...]

5 reasons why market research matters

It may be tempting to cut back on or even completely forgo market research, especially if you’re focussed on keeping your business costs down. However, this approach can be a big mistake. The simple fact is, market research matters – and h [...]
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