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Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Seize the opportunities, says Appco USA Sales Manager

In the first of a three-part series of blogs by people called Dan, Dan Thompson reflects on how, as a field representative in the UK he thought becoming a marketing company owner was an unattainable goal.

But now, eight years later, as Appco USA Sales Manager, he is able to draw on his first-hand experience in the field to encourage people to put fear of failure aside and seize their opportunities.

Before joining the business in 2007, I had worked as a plumber, at an insurance company and in a bar in the UK.

I thought sales would come naturally to me, but found there was a fair bit to learn – and that learning from others was key.

I spent a day with one of the high performers in my team and just copied everything: the professional way they presented themselves, how they engaged with and listened to people, their tone of voice, absolutely everything. Then on my fourth day, I signed up six new donors for the charity!

This taught me early on the importance of modelling yourself on successful people who work hard and conduct themselves with absolute professionalism.

I used to think that owning my own business was unattainable because I wasn’t as confident as the owner of the company I was contracted to in the UK.

But I also knew I was hard working and had ambition, desire and discipline.

I realised that the only thing that separated me from higher positions was experience, and that inspired me to apply myself each day.

As I’ve progressed I’ve definitely seen the rewards. The first thing I saved up to buy was the car I’ve always wanted, and I’ve also been very fortunate to have travelled all over the world in my career. Starting off in the UK, I’ve visited Spain, Holland, Brazil, Germany, Belgium and Australia, and I now live in the USA. Along the way, in 2013, I also fulfilled a lifelong goal to climb Kilimanjaro.

My advice to everyone is live for now. Fear of success and failure will always hold you back so take every opportunity that comes your way.

Appco Group UK is the largest operation in the global Appco Group family. Established in 1989, Appco UK provides quality face-to-face customer and donor acquisition solutions to commercial clients and charity partners. We partner with a network of independent marketing companies, which provide us with our professional field sales and donor acquisition teams.

Next in our “Dan blog series”, Danny Wood, owner of a marketing company in Appco UK’s network, explains how his career change to direct sales gave his family choices.


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