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20,000 more people working in direct sales in the UK

The number of people working in direct sales in the UK has risen by 20,000 according to a report from the Direct Selling Association (DSA). According to the DSA, the UK has seen a steady increase in direct selling since 2009. Th [...]

3 secrets of a successful field representative

A varied working life and the ability to determine your own income means that plenty of people are looking for flexible roles in sales, and door-to-door product and service promotion can be a great place to start. But what exactly doe [...]

New field representative says she now has the skills to pursue any career

Amelia Mills, has only been a field representative in Appco UK’s network in Wales for six months, but says the skills she’s developed in that short time will help her pursue any career path she chooses. [...]

How direct sales turned my life around

In the final blog from leaders in the Appco network called Dan, Dan Meredith describes how his career shift to direct sales completely changed his lifestyle from one where he was living from pay cheque to pay cheque to being an assistant owne [...]

Career change to direct sales gave my family choices

In blog number two of three from leaders in our network called Dan, Danny Wood, owner of a marketing company in Appco UK’s network, explains how his career change from welding to face-to-face sales gave his family choice [...]