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Fundraising: putting complaints in context

The Fundraising Regulator’s complaints report was published on 24 October and, quite rightly, its findings have featured prominently in the sector press. However, the coverage has largely focused on the thousands of complaints charities [...]

10 reasons Appco UK believes in the power of face-to-face fundraising

We’re proud of the positive impact we create for our clients through our field marketing and fundraising campaigns. Recently, we came across a file of fantastic feedback from charities we have worked with over [...]

Transparent reporting helps charities rebuild trust and confidence with the public

Prime Minister Theresa May last month outlined a vision for a ‘Shared Society’ in a speech given to the Charity Commission. As a result, charity leaders are urging government to work in tandem w [...]

Appco UK’s robust vulnerability measures align with new fundraising guidance

Last week, the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) released new guidance on protecting potentially vulnerable people, which Appco UK welcomes as an essential part of responsible fundraising. Fundraising with [...]

Donors contact Appco UK to praise ‘exceptionally good representative of the cause’

“I would like it noted that Matthew is an exceptionally good representative of the cause, he was absolutely fantastic,” said Dana Rose, when she spoke to Appco UK’s in-house contac [...]

Kenya volunteer work an eye-opener for Appco employee

Global Fundraising Services staff member Faiza Abdulkadir has only recently returned from a month of volunteering for a charity in Kenya, but she is already planning to head back there. Faiza has been working in Appco UK’s co [...]