Appco UK: what we do

In two words, we do field marketing. And we do it very well – expertly, we’d say. In fact, Appco UK is committed to delivering high-quality, responsible and valuable face-to-face field marketing campaigns for our clients and charity partners.

We’ve been doing it since 1989 and we work hard to make sure that what we do is innovative, respectful and delivers results for our clients. 

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What is field marketing?

Put simply, it’s the most personal form of marketing (or fundraising) there is because it takes place via a face-to-face conversation between a potential customer or donor and the person representing the product, service or cause (we call them brand ambassadors).

These conversations may take place in shopping centres, at special events, at your office or on your front doorstep. With marketing options getting more and more digital and high-tech by the day, you could be forgiven for thinking field marketing is outdated.

But actually, the increase in digital marketing methods – which definitely have their place – has also increased the need for more personal interactions. That’s where we come in. Appco UK’s field marketing and fundraising campaigns quite literally put a face to our clients’ brands and present their products or causes in a way that’s meaningful and tailored to each new customer or donor.

Believe it or not, we do still like talking to humans! Field marketing is about humans talking to humans and it continues to help create lasting personal connections between brands and people.


Appco UK: our business partners

Appco UK is an expert at designing, planning, managing and analysing field marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Like most companies, we also outsource some services to specialist business partners. Most importantly, we sub-contract marketing companies to conduct the field sales and donor recruitment component of our clients’ campaigns because they are experts in this area and they give us the reach and flexibility to deliver campaigns across the country.

Appco UK ensures all our outsourced business partners and the brand ambassadors they contract receive detailed product coaching and have regular contact with our clients. This ensures they represent our clients’ brands professionally and passionately and give every person they speak with a positive field marketing or fundraising experience – whether they decide to ‘sign up’ or not. 


Fundraising campaigns

Appco UK delivers really good professional fundraising campaigns for our charity partners, and they work. We are proud to say that our fundraising service, Appco Group Support, has been thoroughly vetted and approved under the Institute of Fundraising's certification programme.

Fundraising is hard. Charities rely on donations to deliver their programmes, and the more regular those donations are the better because it means charities can plan and budget in advance.

The challenge is, we don’t tend to donate unless we’re asked. We’re all so busy with so many other priorities, pressures and financial commitments that it’s often easier to put it off.

Charities use fundraising companies like Appco UK’s to conduct face-to-face campaigns for them because they are a hugely effective way of reminding us that charities need our donations.

The idea of a fundraiser approaching you to discuss a cause and ask you to donate to it may not appeal in theory, but in practice it works. Because we’re asked – ideally in a professional and engaging way.

That’s why charities continue to conduct face-to-face campaigns and they use Appco UK to deliver them because we been achieving results for them since 1999, we believe that what we do makes a difference and we believe in doing it well.

The fundraising campaigns we deliver are focused on signing up long-term donors, who give on a monthly basis for an average of 3 to 5 years. This makes the campaigns cost effective for the charity and gives them a regular and reliable source of income from generous, committed donors.

Lottery campaigns

Our lotteries service allows charities to promote their causes, raise awareness of their work and generate funds via subscription lotteries with weekly or monthly prize draws.

We operate these campaigns under Appco Group Lotteries Ltd, an External Lottery Manager, which is licensed by the Gambling Commission and a fully vetted member of the Lotteries Council.

We have run successful lottery campaigns for a number of charities, including The Royal British Legion Poppy Lottery.


Lifestyle campaigns

With people’s lives getting more and more hectic, the idea of having your fresh produce, everyday provisions and even your evening meals delivered to your door is no longer a luxury and is fast becoming a necessity.

Appco UK’s Lifestyle team specialises in raising awareness of the unique delivery services our clients provide, ranging from farm-fresh organic meat and produce to essential provisions and everything you need to produce gourmet meals in your very own kitchen.

Our team spends time with every client to understand their business and their products and it’s this commitment – along with our passion for helping them to grow their businesses – that has helped us to acquire thousands of new customers on their behalf.

Visit our Contact us page to get in touch with one of our Lifestyle specialists.