Successful customer acquisition

Appco UK believes the first step to successful face-to-face customer and donor acquisition is to build a great relationship with each of our clients.

It's the best way to make sure we understand their product, service, or cause and the messages they need to deliver via our face-to-face marketing method – the Human CommercialTM.

We also believe it's essential to provide ongoing support, through specialist teams, to both our clients and the brand ambassadors contracted through our network.

All brand ambassadors are given access to ongoing mentoring and product coaching to help them give every person they speak with a professional and interactive face-to-face marketing or donor-acquisition experience, and achieve our clients’ objectives.

Brand ambassadors also have regular contact with our clients to ensure they are always at the heart of the businesses and charities they represent.

Our insistence on fostering personal relationships and continual support services has seen Appco Group UK grow to become the leading face-to-face customer and donor acquisition agency in the country.