The Appco UK field-marketing network

Appco UK’s network has been set up with global founder and chairman Chris Niarchos’s motto – Be something more – firmly in mind.

Our model has been designed to provide people with opportunities to develop career-enhancing skills and also supports budding entrepreneurs to establish and run their own businesses. 

We do this by giving the self-employed brand ambassadors in our network access to networking and mentoring from successful business owners, ongoing skills development, and a motivational environment that encourages entrepreneurism.

If you are interested in self-employment opportunities as a brand ambassador (BA) within the Appco Group network of marketing companies (MCs), or you are already a BA, this section is designed to answer any questions you may have about operating your own business as a self-employed contractor.

The Appco UK model in a nutshell

Appco UK directly manages relationships with its clients and charity partners. We also engage directly with the independent marketing companies in our network, which are responsible for contracting the self-employed brand ambassadors who represent our clients in the field.

The diagram below sums it up nicely.

Field marketing opportunities

The independent marketing companies that Appco contracts with provide a unique and fantastic opportunity for motivated people of all ages to develop their communication, marketing and sales skills and, if they wish, to set up and run their own businesses.

As a successful brand ambassador, unique opportunities exist to develop your business into a fully fledged limited marketing company and become an active member within our global network. 

Self-employed brand ambassadors are recruited independently by each marketing company. 

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