Ali Mir awarded Vice Presidency

Ali Mir awarded Vice Presidency

September 9, 2012

On September 8, 2012, at the UK and Republic of Ireland Owners meeting, the most anticipated promotion of the year was announced.

Oxford’s Heythrop Park Resort was host to the event, in which delegates watched on as one of the Appco Group’s most successful entrepreneurs, Ali Mir, took to the stage to receive his promotion to Vice Presidency from Chairman and Founder, Chris Niarchos.

His promotion sees years of hard work, dedication and commitment rewarded, having been instrumental in raising millions of pounds in donor acquisition for our charity partners.

Mr Mir’s most recent achievement came in 2010 when he was personally selected by Mr Niarchos as Product Head, for one of the company’s most successful divisions, Appco Group Support (AGS). His drive, ambition and passion for the company have ensured the divisions growth and expansion over the past two years and positive outlook for 2013.

Since his humble beginnings in 1999, Ali Mir has show great testament to the incredible work that is constantly displayed by the Appco Group, both nationally and globally. His organisation spans three continents, including the UK, US and Brasil, with much more growth and success ahead.

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