Alzheimer’s fundraisers give on-the-spot support to donor

Alzheimer’s fundraisers give on-the-spot support to donor

Professional fundraisers Joe Bryant and Daniel How have demonstrated just how much of an impact face-to-face interaction can have when visiting a donor while representing Alzheimer’s UK.

Joe and Daniel could tell that something was not right when they first introduced themselves to Mr Chambers, 78. 

“Within moments of speaking with Mr. Chambers, I noticed that he was tearing up and highly emotional, I asked what was troubling him.” Daniel said. “He told Joe and myself about his struggle with his wife's disease [Alzheimer’s]. I’ve learned so much about the disease from representing this charity, but I was also able to share my own personal experiences that I’ve had with those who have also suffered.”

The conversation couldn’t have been more timely as Mr Chambers said in a recent follow-up call, which Appco UK conducts wither every donor over the age of 65 “I was in a really bad state to be honest; my wife had recently been taken into hospital with advanced Alzheimer’s. I didn’t want to live.” 

“I was on the point of taking an overdose when they [Joe and Daniel] knocked. They were very good to me. It’s only through them that I am here today.”

This isn’t the first time that professional fundraisers have made an impact on somone’s life. Face-to-face fundraiser Sarah Thomas famously helped save a man’s life while campaigning on behalf of the British Red Cross. Her quick thinking and first aid training enabled her to perform CPR on a donor when they collapsed.