Appco Group promotes child sponsorship

Appco Group promotes child sponsorship

Many of the Appco Group’s charity partners seek to improve the education and lives of children in countries where learning is a luxury. Many of these organisations have a sponsorship system where sponsors can see firsthand the child’s progress, thanks to their contribution.

Theary is an amazing example of how sponsorship can change a child’s life. She is 18 years old today and lives with her two sisters and parents in Kampong, Cambodia. Theary's life has been full of challenges and sacrifice in order to achieve her dream, which is simply to better her life.

Theary was sponsored when she was in the 4th grade. Thanks to the support of her “godfather” she was able to continue her studies and she currently works as a receptionist and is also teaching English in a private language school to help her family.

The Appco Group’s sales representatives help to spread the word about stories like Theary’s every day and with that they help to increase the number of sponsors that can make a huge difference in many children’s lives.