Appco Group UK face-to-face fundraisers to the rescue!

Appco Group UK face-to-face fundraisers to the rescue!

A member of the public has praised two face-to-face fundraisers in Appco UK’s network for “saving the life” of a lady after going to her aid when a dog’s persistent barking led them to her house.

Their fellow rescuer, Gertie the 14-year-old terrier-cross, belonged to Derek Barkus, who had been working at a nearby property.

“If they hadn’t have been around, who knows? The fact that they were there to raise the alarm and keep her chatting was so important, otherwise she could have gone into a panic attack and things could have been much worse.” Derek said.

Prabheet, one of the fundraisers, said it was great to receive positive feedback from the public, and that the incident showed parts of a face-to-face fundraiser’s role that people might not necessarily think about.

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