Appco helping UK to become greener

Appco helping UK to become greener

November 4, 2011

Appco Group's Home Efficiency division is helping the UK government to meet its carbon dioxide reduction targets and to bring greener power to homes in need.

As part of the Kyoto Protocol, the UK is legally bound to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 12.5 per cent, below 1990 levels, by 2008-2012. The 2008 Climate Change Act also states that greenhouse gas emissions must be cut by 80 per cent by 2050.

CERT, the obligation placed by Government on gas and electricity suppliers to deliver a reduction in household carbon savings across England, Scotland and Wales, requires suppliers to focus at least 40 per cent of their activity on a priority group of vulnerable and low-income households "including those in receipt of eligible benefits and pensioners over the age of 70 by increasing the energy efficiency of these households."

Fifteen per cent of homes helped under the 40 per cent will be the lowest income households more at risk of fuel poverty.

Appco Group Home Efficiency is proud to be working on behalf of energy saving clients and offering green solutions such as household insulation to families in need.

"Since July, we have helped more than 10,000 'at-risk-of-fuel-poverty homes' to save money on their energy consumption and in turn help the planet," said Appco Group Home Efficiency head Pauline Henderson.