Appco staff interview: Sevim

Appco staff interview: Sevim

In the first of a regular series of posts about the people who work at Appco UK, we talk to Sevim Dogan who runs Appco’s help desk.

Sevim started in her new role this February. Previous to that, she had been working in the Appco contact centre, speaking to donors contacted by independent fundraisers from the Appco Group network.

‘That was great experience’, Sevim said, ‘Sometimes you could dial out 700 times a day, which was great for customer service experience. After working in the call centre for five months, Sevim saw the Help Desk Manager Position advertised.

‘I wondered if I could get it, I was quite confident after I approached Lorna, my manager, about it. The company was very supportive of me going for it. 

Her new job is completely different to her old one, but Sevim enjoys the challenge.

‘My new position is completely different from my old one.  Changing roles has helped me grow incredibly; that is one of the good things about working here — there are so many opportunities to grow.’

‘This new job provides me with a great opportunity to manage people, which I love. I get to see them grow as well. It is a very diverse group of different people and it’s great seeing what they’re all capable of.’