Appco UK discovers… the power of a toaster

Appco UK discovers… the power of a toaster

Recently, the Appco UK office got its first toaster and it’s made a big difference – not just to people’s breakfasts, but also to the general office mood. Yes, really.

That might seem like a lot of meaning and power to bestow on this kitchen staple, but the ability to crisp up bread (and bagels and waffles and…) really has energised the office. Just look at our graphic designer, Tamsin – she's positively brimming with toaster-induced happiness!

First, you might be wondering why Appco UK is only now introducing this most basic of appliances (as well as the bread and butter needed to make use of it) to our office kitchen. Kitchen layout and smoke alarms had always prevented us acquiring one, but an office refurb has now made it possible – and the reaction has been epic.

People are (still!) chatting about this “breakthrough”, sharing toaster-based meal ideas and lining up in the morning to prepare their breakfasts.

It got us thinking about how the little things can really make a (comparatively) big difference to office life, team morale and general interaction among colleagues. Sometimes it really is as simple as making people's working day a little bit easier by giving them the means to have a piece of toast with their morning cuppa.

So while you might be thinking we're all sounding more excited than we should be by the bread-browning possibilities a toaster provides, we like to think ours is so much more than “just a toaster”. Who knows, perhaps we’ll name it next....