Appco's sporting ambitions

Appco's sporting ambitions

Appco Group has announced plans to launch a new UK Sports Division. This follows the incredible success of the Division in Australia and New Zealand, where Appco Group Sports works with some of the biggest sporting organisations and charities. The figures speak for themselves, with more than $AUD7.5 million raised for the Paralympic Committee alone.

Appco Group Sports in Australia and New Zealand head Anthony Tarquini is currently in the UK, where he has just completed a test campaign in partnership with a leading charity.He was joined by some of the top performing sales people from Australia, and together they've been trialing a unique fundraising campaign in London.

The results of the trial far exceeded all expectations, smashing targets by an extra 25 per cent. "You can evoke emotions in the public when you talk to them about charitable giving, however when you couple this with sport, something people are typically passionate about, you have a phenomenally successful formula," Mr Tarquini said. "This is what we have created in Australia and achieved incredible results in the process. Now we intend to replicate that success in the UK, helping our partners achieve their aims with our industry leading face-to-face fundraising concept."

Following the successful test, the UK Sports Division will launch soon and will be followed by a major program that will be rolled-out across Europe.