Celebrating breakthrough research

Celebrating breakthrough research

June 5, 2012

Appco Group Support in Australia has been working with the Heart Research Institute (HRI), one of Australia's leading research organisations working to detect, prevent and reverse heart disease, for more than a decade.

According to information provided by HRI, Australians are the highest users of cholesterol-lowering drugs in the world, with around 2 million people thought to be taking some form of medication.

Now researchers from the HRI in Sydney think they have unlocked the reason behind why Australians are amongst the world's highest prescribers of cholesterol lowering medication.

The findings of the research team, led by Professor Kerry-Anne Rye, are detailed in a paper which will be published in the prestigious Journal of American College of Cardiology.

This exciting research, which is further detailed on the HRI website, would not be possible without the work Appco Group Support do in accruing regular donations.

To find out more information about Heart Research Institute visit the website www.hri.org.au