Conquering Kili

Conquering Kili

April 9, 2013

March 2013 saw 12 Appco Group UK and Ireland delegates embark on one of the greatest challenges of their lives, to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro; all in support of their charity partner, Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).

The Appco Group is thrilled to announce that all climbers reached Stellar Point – an hour from The Summit, with most of the group finally making The Summit after battling some of the worse snow the mountain has ever seen. In fact, Summit day turned out to be officially the worse weather recorded on Kilimanjaro in the last 15 years!

During a particularly tough night on the mountain, Company Vice President and experienced climber, Michael Scully took to his blog to comment, “it’s important at times like this to remember why we are actually doing this in the first place – which is to help VSO raise funds and make a difference in people’s lives. Watching our local porters carry water weighing 20kg as well as their own backpack over the same ground we are covering really makes you realise how fortunate we are to have education opportunities in our own countries. These guys are incredible and they do it wearing inadequate footwear yet are always smiling – surely a lesson for us all”.

Following their climber the trekkers visited Uhuru primary school in Tanzania to see first hand the incredible work carried out by VSO and their volunteers. VSO volunteer, John Egan explained that in some places the pupil teacher ratio in classrooms is 100:1, however, due to VSO’s great work and the fundraising efforts of the Appco Group, they will have 980 newly qualified teachers by May 2013.

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