Declaring freedom from poverty

Declaring freedom from poverty

June 14, 2012

Save the Children are launching a face-to-face campaign called Freedom from Poverty between May 14 and July 4 2012.

Freedom from Poverty is the essence of Save the Children's vision for a nation in which no child's future is limited by poverty. Sam Bendfeldt, Operations Manager US, states, "The aim of our campaign is to support Save the Children in their bid to find sponsors for 1,500 US children living in poverty. No child should be pre-determined by poverty or limited by it. Its hard to imagine that poverty exists in the US but it does."

Appco Group US are supporting this campaign through their face-to-face marketing partnership with Save the Children USA and brining the cause to the American doorstep. Miss Bendfeldt continues "this campaign is highlighting a real issue in America which is very much overlooked and bringing it to the forefront and we are proud to be a part of it."

"Nearly one and four children in the US are living in poverty and as a result lack the opportunities we often take for granted like proper nutrition, exercise, having access to school supplies like books and living with dependable electricity. Its a frightening statistic and one that Appco and Save the Children are determined to end." Ogo Ekweozor, Country Head US.

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