Donors praise professionalism of fundraisers

Donors praise professionalism of fundraisers

Appco Group believes that the importance of the relationship between fundraisers and potential donors cannot be underestimated.

The self-employed field representatives who represent Appco UK’s charity partners play a crucial role in informing the people they speak to about the charities through engaging and positive conversations.

Appco UK’s in-house contact centre agents speak with the majority of people who so generously commit to regular donations to find out about their experiences with the fundraisers in our network, to ensure they are comfortable with their commitment, and to identify best practice as well as areas for improvement.

Appco is proud of the standards of professionalism maintained across its fundraising network. And feedback from donors consistently shows field representatives are not only delivering charities’ important messages, but they are also creating an enjoyable and meaningful experience for the people they speak with.

Here is just a snapshot of the latest feedback recorded by Appco’s contact centre agents.

Fundraiser: Kennedy, representing Great Ormond Street Hospital
 Children's Charity
Donor feedback: “An amazing fundraiser, and the reason I signed up!” The donor was extremely impressed, saying Kennedy was very engaging and deserved to be recognised for his good work.

Fundraiser: Danielle, representing Anthony Nolan

Donor feedback: “A lovely person, so polite, and explained things really well. I had a great laugh with her; she’s an absolute credit to your organisation.”

Fundraiser: Blair, representing Anthony Nolan

Donor feedback: “He really is a great ambassador for the charity [very polite, well mannered and explained things in depth].” 

Fundraiser: Ross, representing RSCPA

Donor feedback: “A very sympathetic and charismatic person.” 

Fundraiser: Isheunopa, representing Breast Cancer
Donor feedback: “Put me at ease right away.” The donor told the Appco contact centre agent she would not normally sign up for something at the door, but was so comfortable talking to Isheunopa that she went ahead.

Fundraiser: Ibraheem, representing Anthony Nolan

Donor feedback: “Very passionate and driven.” The donor said she would not have donated if it was not for him.

Fundraiser: Jake, representing Anthony Nolan
Donor feedback: “A fantastic job on the day.” The donor went on to advise the contact centre agent that Jake’s clear knowledge of the client was obvious, and the donor felt he had a real passion for the charity.

Fundraiser: Baljit, representing Great Ormond Street Hospital
 Children's Charity
Donor feedback: “Friendly, and explained everything very well.”

Fundraiser: Romain, representing VSO
Donor feedback: “The FR was a gentleman – he was very polite, he covered everything on the day. No pressure at all. He is a credit to the charity.”

Fundraiser: Michele, representing Unicef
Donor feedback: “I would like to commend Michelle on her work – she was absolutely lovely!”

Fundraiser: Larry, representing Anthony Nolan

Donor feedback: “[He was] brilliant, despite the bad weather. Not pushy, genuine and very upbeat.”

Fundraiser: Fraser, representing Unicef
Donor feedback: “An absolute credit to the organisation – so polite and well mannered.”