Face-to-face fundraiser hailed “a hero” for preventing house fire

Face-to-face fundraiser hailed “a hero” for preventing house fire

A quick-thinking fundraiser working with AGS Global Fundraising Services* prevented a fire from spreading across a number of terraced houses.

Rhianne Saville smelled smoke when she knocked on the door of a property in Neath, Wales, while out raising funds for and awareness of British Red Cross through a face-to-face campaign run by AGS Global Fundraising Services.

“I instantly thought something was wrong as I could smell burning, the smoke alarm was going off and no one was reacting,” said Rhianne.

“I was worried someone was trapped inside so, after I knocked on the door three times, I called the fire brigade.”

The homeowner had accidently left her gas cooker on and without Rhianne’s quick response, a number of houses in the street would have caught fire as the gas pipes are connected.

“I can’t represent the British Red Cross and not help – it’s part of the job,” Rhianne added.

Rhianne returned to the property later to speak to homeowner Frances Jordan, who was so grateful for Rhianne’s assistance that she immediately signed up to support the British Red Cross.

Frances said: “I was so lucky Rhianne happened to be in the area when the fire started – I owe her a tremendous amount. 

“If she hadn’t phoned the fire brigade when she did, it could have been a disaster on a huge level, but a tragedy was averted because of her quick thinking. She saved the day and I can’t thank her enough – she’s a hero!”

*Appco Group Support has recently rebranded to AGS Global Fundraising Services to better reflect the range of fundraising solutions it offers.