Face-to-face fundraising is ‘more in-depth and personal’ say donors

Face-to-face fundraising is ‘more in-depth and personal’ say donors

‘It was more in-depth and personal than any television adverts you see,’ a donor who decided to provide monthly support for the RSPCA said. 

He was talking about his experience with Matthew, an independent brand ambassador in the Appco network, who had spoken to him about supporting the RSPCA.

Matthew had helped him make up is mind with his exceptional knowledge of the charity’s work.

‘When those adverts come on the tele, that's usually when you walk away and get a tea or something. With this, being able to ask questions and understand the details makes a difference.’ 

Another donor who signed up to support the RSPCA said it was great being able to talk to brand ambassador Joe about her previous experiences with the charity.

‘He was very patient in listening to what my views were and laid out the reasons for the current campaign,’ Mrs Buckenham said.

Donors praise service offered by face-to-face fundraisers

Appco UK has been contacting new donors to make sure they are happy with their donation and to ask them about their experience with the brand ambassador. The enthusiastic response highlighted the importance of face-to-face fundraising.

'He was brilliant. He was really nice, friendly, and chatty. Any question I asked, he answered with lots of information,' said one person contacted by Appco.

A great opportunity to talk about charities

A donor who signed up to regularly support the Royal Air Force Association said he had previously found other fundraisers pushy, but, in this case, the two ambassadors had been excellent.

‘They were very, very helpful. It was just the whole manner really; they didn’t put any pressure on and they explained everything very well.’ 

He said they were a good example of why people should give face-to-face sales representatives an opportunity to explain what they are raising money for because, clearly, they had something important to say.