Fundraiser performs CPR and saves donor’s life

Fundraiser performs CPR and saves donor’s life

Face-to-face fundraiser Sarah Thomas has shown just how valuable the British Red Cross is by saving a man’s life while fundraising for the charity.

Having done several first aid courses with the Red Cross, Sarah, an independent contractor, was ready to act when a donor she was signing up collapsed and needed CPR.

“I got him into the recovery position, and when I called for an ambulance they advised me to do CPR. It took 12 minutes and his pulse came back just before the ambulance turned up,” Sarah said. 

“I got a call the next morning saying he had had an operation and was doing well. If someone hadn’t been there, his family would have got a different sort of call, so I’m so pleased I could help.”

The irony wasn’t lost on Sarah that she was fundraising for the British Red Cross when her own training with the charity became crucial.

“This incident emphasises how important it is to support charities like the Red Cross. Everyone should be first aid trained, so when stuff like this happens, there’s someone around who knows what to do.”

Having started as a brand ambassador just three weeks ago, Sarah said she had come across some negative attitudes towards face-to-face fundraising and hoped her experience would change that.

 “It’s great to be able to show that brand ambassadors are just normal people, that our work is really important, and how good a cause this charity is.”