How to stop “hoping” for business success

How to stop “hoping” for business success

One of the most frequent questions people ask me is “How do businesses keep moving forward?” We all know that there isn’t a magic answer, but there are many signs in business that prevent progression. Becoming reliant on ‘hope’ in getting results is often the main one.

You could be stuck in a routine, or lacking clear strategic plans or ideas for the future – or a mixture of both – and be simply hoping for something to change. As business owners, it is a situation you can find yourself in very quickly and it affects many companies. 

Re-evaluate your business

As business owners and entrepreneurs, you will naturally have goals and targets, but what happens when you have met them? How do you get to the next level? To simply cross your fingers for success is a huge gamble. As an entrepreneur, you are going to take risks… but that doesn’t make you a gambler!

Take a step back, re-evaluate your business and develop a realistic plan based on steps, goals and outcomes – not hope! By doing this you can take back control of the direction your business is heading in and start to make calculated decisions that will enable you to execute new strategies and develop new ideas. Regaining focus and planning carefully can install new confidence and eliminate the need to ‘hope’ for success.

Embrace change

Once you have established the need for change and set out a plan to achieve it, it’s time to implement and embrace it. Change can be a daunting prospect for some but it can also open doors that you may not have even known existed. You may have office space that can be used in other ways or you could see opportunities for technological innovations.

Some of the world’s biggest companies survived in their early days purely on the fact that they were agile and changed with the times. By innovating, they not only became a stable business, but they also created new, successful products.

Every day you will come across small and large obstacles in life and in business — I certainly have as founder and chairman of Appco Group. Thinking innovatively and marshaling all of your unique capabilities and strengths – as well as those of the people around you – to overcome those problems will help you succeed.


Being a success in business isn’t based on hope or luck. It’s based on a plan that has been carefully thought through, put into place, executed, evaluated and revised – many times over.