'I really like to help people’ an interview with Renalda Ruginiene

'I really like to help people’ an interview with Renalda Ruginiene

In the latest in our series of interviews with Appco staff members, we talked to Renalda Ruginiene, licensing officer, who has been receiving some incredible feedback from her fellow staff. She told us about her job, responsibilities and shared some photographs from her early days with Appco Group!

As licensing officer at Appco UK, Renalda’s job sees her communicating with marketing companies and city councils.

‘I am responsible for acquiring and booking all the correct licenses so that independent marketing companies can work legally in residential areas. This means that I deal with local authorities and the police nearly every day.’

The variety of people Renalda talks to can mean that she is very busy. One of the most important parts of her job is upholding the company’s standards policy and making sure Appco is compliant with regulations.

‘My job can be quite busy’, said Renalda, ‘I do a lot of research online and I email a lot of people like the trading standards authority and the police to make sure that everything we do is compliant — so yes, that can get really busy!’

Great feedback for a great job

In the last month alone, Renalda received four commendations from her colleagues, who said that she is ‘always there to support the team and often goes above and beyond’ and that ‘she makes a world of difference to the whole company’.

When asked about how she’s managed to get such great feedback.

‘I’m very passionate about my job,’ she said, ‘I used to run my own small business, so I know how difficult yet rewarding it can be and I really like to help people’.