Keeping your business booming: lessons from World Population Day 

Keeping your business booming: lessons from World Population Day 

World Population Day was marked last week with the UN announcing that the planet’s population has reached 7.6 billion. The figure has sparked worldwide discussion about how to better handle stretched resources – an issue that is also particularly relevant to business. 

Everyone wants their business to be booming, but with such success comes risk. Quality control, resource management and maintaining growth are areas where fast expansion can actually be damaging to a business. 

When a company is doing well and more people are involved, it is important to ensure high standards continue to be met. Recruitment is obviously a key part of this, as is communicating effectively. 

Surrounding yourself with the right team and making sure those people are clear about what you need from them is the best way to ensure that nothing falls by the wayside.  

Organisation is also essential when it comes to making sure you have the right resources in place as your business grows. Be it financial, equipment or staff, it is important to keep a close eye on how your resources are being used, and how they can be used better. 

Goal-setting is an important tool for making sure things do not stagnate. While your initial aims might have been met, it’s important to reset the goal posts and make sure you are aiming for the next milestone.  

So yes, think bigger and plan for growth, but at the same time, make sure you have the right strategy and resources in place to support your own population spikes.