Lao Children thank Appco Group for their support

Lao Children thank Appco Group for their support

In an update from Support Lao Children’s founder Andrew Brown, he describes how Cobra Group’s ongoing support has helped provide orphaned children with medical care, clothes and food.

“We cover travel costs for those travelling to the children’s hospital as well as provide funds for food and extra medication. We also help pay for a more local, qualified doctor – paying for all fees and medication."

"As always, your support has made life much better for many Lao children.”

Support Lao Children founder Andrew Brown explains how the funds provided by employees of Appco Group and other Cobra Group companies (as part of the organisation’s CSR programme) has helped the charity.

So far, funding this year has helped provide vital medical support to around 200 children across 3 villages.

Read the full update on the Cobra Group website.