New fundraising guidance reflects Appco UK’s robust vulnerability measures

New fundraising guidance reflects Appco UK’s robust vulnerability measures

Appco UK welcomes new guidance from the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) on protecting potentially vulnerable people, which reflects our existing robust protective measures and policies.

The aim of the IoF’s Fundraising with People in Vulnerable Circumstances is to help fundraisers “develop a greater understanding and confidence in responding to supporters appropriately, where issues of vulnerability might arise”.

Appco UK and its fundraising division, Appco Group Support welcome this approach, and have long had in place robust measures to ensure the fundraisers representing our charity partners can identify and protect people in potentially vulnerable circumstances.

Appco Group Support is proud to be a professional fundraising agency and we take our responsibility to the communities in which we operate very seriously. The measures outlined below have been implemented proactively and extend above and beyond the IoF’s guidance and regulatory requirements.

They include:

  • extra checks for donors over the age of 75 years to ensure they have understood and were comfortable with the sign-up process and are happy to donate, before their direct debit is processed.
  • an industry-leading territory management system, which allows Appco UK to identify and exclude demographic areas with a greater likelihood of having high concentrations of people who may be in vulnerable circumstances.
  • mandatory checklists that must be signed by every donor to confirm they understand their fundraising commitment
  • vulnerability education for all fundraisers
  • all charity partners must deliver and be part of the campaign training programmes for fundraisers and are encouraged to shadow fundraisers in action speaking with members of the public.

Read the Appco UK blog on protecting vulnerability for more detail on these measures.