“Planet wouldn’t be the same” without Appco, says charity

“Planet wouldn’t be the same” without Appco, says charity

Leading conservation organisation The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has praised fundraisers working with Appco Group Hong Kong for their high standard of quality.

Begoña Vázquez-Santos, Director of The Nature Conservancy’s International Membership Program said: “It's been great working with Appco Group Hong Kong. We wouldn't have been able to progress so much without the professional field representatives reaching out to our potential supporters. Our planet wouldn’t be the same without you.”

Since November 2013, teams have helped to sign up more than 900 donors for TNC, which relies on charitable donations to fund environmental projects.

Some of the projects the donations have helped fund include, planting trees and protecting forests in China and Indonesia; improving the quality of fresh water in rivers from China to Colombia; and managing marine protected areas in the Coral Triangle — where most of Hong Kong’s seafood comes from.

Visit The Nature Conservancy website to learn more.