SGI launches with WWF Russia

SGI launches with WWF Russia

December 21,2012

On October 14, 2012, Sales Group International (SGI) launched the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia’s first face to face donor acquisition campaign.

The campaign took place at the MEGA Belaya Dacha shopping centre in Moscow and aimed at raising committed regular donations towards WWF’s Artic project.

Both SGI and WWF Russia have made history through the launch of this campaign as it’s the first face to face donor acquisition program of its kind to take place in Russia.

Victor Shikin, COO for SGI, said, ‘A new era in fundraising has begun in the Russian Federation and we are very proud to be the pioneers of this together with WWF Russia. Our results have proven that this will become an invaluable tool in generating quality and committed donors as well improving donor communication and raising awareness of WWF Russia causes across the country.’

Due to the success of the four week campaign SGI and WWF Russia are looking at new opportunities in 2013.

To find out more about WWF Russia please visit their website: