The forgotten crisis

The forgotten crisis

May 8, 2013

A recent list published by the United Nations, revealed there are more than 16 current, humanitarian crises requiring urgent help that have been unresolved for years.

Appco Group España, together with its charity partners, are spreading the word to the thousands of people they speak to every single day. In countries such as Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Chad and Afghanistan, most of the population is living in danger.

At one time these crises occupied the attention of the international community and Media, but nowadays they have each become a “forgotten crisis”. The sufferingcontinuesas people still need basic necessities such as food, shelter or clean water due to the effects of wars and naturaldisasters.

Appco Group España hope that, by spreading the word, they can draw attention to the people needing help all over the world.