Trekkers meet with The Taoiseach

Trekkers meet with The Taoiseach

April 3, 2013

Arriving to The Department of The Taoiseach wearing hiking boots and combats is not exactly the usual attire one would choose, however, on this occasion it seemed fitting. Ten years on after climbing Africa’s highest mountain himself Ireland’s Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, invited the Appco Group Ireland Kilimanjaro Team to his Department ahead of their Trek.

In the hallway of the historic building Daryl Burrowes, Colette Mackey, Colm Daly and other members of the local Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) team waited anxiously as they anticipated The Head of Government’s arrival. However, all nerves vanished once The Taoiseach arrived. Enda Kenny greeted the team warmly and dove straight into discussion about how their training was coming along as well as his memories of climbing the mountain 10 years previously.

The Taoiseach continued the conversation with some candid advice for the trekkers and even gave the team his mobile number to text him when they reached the summit. After a few photo opportunities, The Taoiseach said goodbye to the team and wished them a safe trip.

This marked the beginning of a fantastic adventure for the Appco Group Ireland Kilimanjaro team and is one of the many memories they will not forget on their incredible journey to the summit and back!