UNICEF praises Appco UK and fundraisers

UNICEF praises Appco UK and fundraisers

Unicef UK has thanked brand ambassadors in Appco’s UK network for their ongoing fundraising efforts following a visit to the Philippines by Appco and Unicef UK.

During the visit to see the Unicef programmes in action, Senior Direct Marketing Officer at Unicef UK Charlie Lewis recorded a video message for fundraisers back home in which he described the difficulties families had faced following Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

“Thousands of people here were killed by the devastating typhoon, and nearly four million people were displaced from their homes,” he said.

“Thanks to work like yours, many of the families here have been able to recover and get their lives back together. It wouldn't be possible without your incredible work, so please keep it up.”

Charlie said donations had gone to projects like rebuilding schools, providing basic sanitation such as the installation of toilets and re-establishing vaccination cold chains.

Appco client manager Fiona Nutley also travelled to the Philippines to see first hand the work UNICEF is doing and how the incredibly generous support of long-term donors is helping.

“The appreciation of the people is amazing,” Fiona said. “It was really good to see what UNICEF is doing, and it was very motivating to come back home knowing what still has to be done.”

Image © Schermbrucker: Unicef staff and fundraising partners with children at Tacloban Youth Hub. The hub was designed by children themselves with Unicef’s support.