Why is leadership important to me?

Why is leadership important to me?

In the second part of his blog, Appco Group UK Senior Call Centre Manager Glendon Evarts explains the qualities of effective leadership and why it’s important to him.

People who work with me are an extension of me. My goal is to help people achieve their own objectives through reaching their potential in the work place. As a people manager and a leader, I need to make life-impacting decisions, such as hiring or promoting people and in some cases developing their potential, on a weekly basis. These decisions can literally be life-changing – positively or negatively – to people in my team.

In light of this, I make sure I do everything in my power to help people succeed and progress – and I hope I give my team every opportunity possible to reach their potential.

In turn, when you treat your team with the respect and integrity they deserve, their output and work ethic drive results that will make your business shine. Not to mention, it creates a culture that will drive your eagerness to succeed every day.

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